Ken McGowan

Ken is a third generation native of Leadville, Colorado. He received a BA degree in Fine Art Education from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He taught elementary and secondary art for nine years before earning a MA degree in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado.

Many of his former students have pursued art careers including graphic arts and art education. After thirty years in education, Ken retired recently from full-time teaching in order to focus on his art. He sells his paintings and drawings, gives individual lessons, and does murals and commissions. Watercolor, acrylic, pastel and colored pencil are Ken's primary focus.

Ken strives to represent images in a refined and realistic way often with the use of borders to create a unifying theme.

Ken painting a              mural

Wall Mural
Skyline Elementary School
Cañon City, Colorado

Wall Gecko
Acrylic on masonite 4' x 8'

Gecko Wall Art

Artist's Statement: "After thirty years as an educator, I am now opening a new chapter in my life. I feel very fortunate and grateful to be in a position to be able to pursue my passion for art full-time. My goals include increasing the quality and quantity of my work because, even though I have consistently created art during my teaching career, I now have the time and energy to focus intensively on my artwork. I believe that you advance as an artist by studying and creating art. As an artist, I don't think you should ever be altogether satisfied with your work but instead continually strive to improve and learn from each project you create."